19 Ways How to Hang Plants in Apartments Without Drilling

Have you ever run into a situation where you desperately want to hang plants in your apartment, but the landlord won’t let you drill any new holes? Been there.

Try the tactics listed here to keep your apartment free from future holes. Plus, many of them are inexpensive

These are some of the best ways to keep your beautiful ceiling from looking ragged.

You’ll also learn ways to hang your plants in front of windows for the best light. If you have a balcony, there are creative ways to hang them out there as well. 

  1. Adhesives
Command Strip Hooks

This is probably the easiest, and cheapest option to get started hanging plants. Stick that puppy to the wall and voila you’re done.

A common brand is command strips. They can come in various forms including one that can be used as a ceiling hook. 

The downside to this option is the weight limitation. Most can only hold lightweight plants.

Also, if the weight of the plant is over 50% of the weight rating on the strip, wait 24 hours before hanging your plant to let the seal set.

It should come with an easy way to remove the adhesive when needed.

  1. Tension Rod
Rod For Hanging Plants

I like this option for its versatility. A tension rod is similar to a curtain rod that you use in your bathroom.

You extend the arms to the two support places – like walls, beams, or window frames – until there is tension on the rod. Then you lock it in place.

There should be rubber ends on both sides to reduce any marks and keep the rod from slipping.

Again, this is a great option for its versatility, especially in small apartments where space is tight. Unused doors and window frames are excellent places to take advantage of these rods. 

  1. Magnetic Hook
Magnetic Hook

Do you have any metal beams in your apartment? This is a great option for hanging plants from the ceiling, wall, or refrigerator.

And some can even hold up to 100 pounds! So you can even hang some of your heavier plants.

  1. S Hooks
S Hook

You can find S hooks at your local hardware store. These are super versatile and can be used with a line or rod. Many can withstand very heavy weights.

  1. Drying Rack
Drying Rack

I love the creativity this option provides.

Drying racks are often fairly cheap and can be painted to match the room you are decorating. You can vary the sizes of your potted plants to create a unique display.

  1. Cords or Ropes 
Plants Hanging From Cords

These can be used with the S hooks as mentioned before.

Take advantage of exposed beams on the walls or ceilings and find a decorative strand to go across.

Then, simply hang the plants using the S hooks or with some of the other options mentioned in this article.

  1. Suction Cups With Hooks
Suction Cup Hook

Here is another cheap option that can be used with lightweight plants. Windows, mirrors, or glass are the perfect place to use the suction cups.

What I like about this option, is that it’s easy. Just plop it on the glass and go.

I would not attach these to your most delicate, expensive, or fragile pieces of glass in the event of any potential damage. There shouldn’t be, but better safe than sorry, right?

  1. Door Hooks
Over the Door Rack

Another ingenious way to use what you might already have on hand. S

lip these over any door that has direct or indirect light, and you have a way to hang a plant in less than 10 seconds.

Choose one with the weight capacity you need. Many are used for lighter items like coats and purses, but they do have heavy-weight ones with the ability to hold up to 30lbs. 

Another quick tip is to measure the width of the top of your door to be sure you are getting one that fits properly.

  1. Light Fixture Plant Holders

When I saw this idea, I thought it was brilliant. They have plant holders now, that double as lighting fixtures.

Having the ability to replace some of your light fixtures with one of these gives you not only a unique way to hang plants, but it is a wonderful talking piece as well. C

hoose a bulb that can double as a grow light for your plant in dark rooms. 

Also, old light bulbs that radiate heat can burn your plant.

If you don’t need a grow light, an LED light provides wonderful brightness with minimal heat. And they come in various shades of cool to warm colors that can set whatever mood you are looking to create.

  1. Carpenter Clamp
Carpenter Clamp

Looking for a place to hang plants off a shelf, beam, or table? Carpenter clamps could solve your problem.

Simply clamp it to the location you desire and hang the plant off of the piece jutting out. 

Note*** You may want to put a piece of cloth under the two spots the clamps connect to the fixture to not cause damage.

Be sure where you attach the clamps isn’t softwood (or an antique) as this might cause an indent over time.

You can test this by attaching it lightly and seeing if it causes any marks on the wood. If not, increase the tension and observe again.

Keep doing this until you reach your desired tension and no indents are visible.  

I would use this fixture for lighter-weight plants, but experiment to see the weight that yours can securely hold. M

any of the newer ones are made of plastic, but some varieties come in wood. Keep a look out for these which can lend a softer vibe to your home or office and look very chic. They are also quite affordable which is a bonus!

  1. Bed Post Plant Hanger

Have a bed with a post? They now have an option for a hook that sits directly over the post.

You can place a hanging planter on the edge and add a little green to your room!

As long as you aren’t going to hit your plant on those occasional midnight trips to the bathroom in the dark, this is a cool option to consider.

  1. Ladder
Ladder With Plant Hanging Off

I love the idea of putting a ladder in your living space to hang plants from. They range from wood and metal to plastic which means just about anybody can find one that works for their situation.

You can also paint them to match the room you are looking to decorate. 

Check the durability of the ladder you have to see how much weight it can hold. A newer, metal one can securely hold heavy plants, while one made of wood may need lighter varieties.

  1. Shelf With Vertical Bar
Shelf With A Vertical Bar

Another great conversation piece that the perfect plant will love to hang from. Take an old shelf and install a vertical bar across the top.

Your plants can drape down from across the bar and others can sit along the lower shelving. 

Alternatively, you could install small hooks to the underside of each shelf and hang plants from them.

This won’t provide as much stability as the vertical bar, but it’s a great option for air plants or other small ones.

  1. Coat Rack or Hat Stand 
Hat Rack

Why not try situating your plants vertically instead of horizontally?

For individuals low on floor space, try hanging your plants on an old coat rack. What’s neat about this option is that you can move the rack to wherever your light requirements are.

Need bright light? Place it next to a window that catches a lot of sun. Or if indirect light is what your plants enjoy, move it further inside the room.

Some Other Options If you Have a Hook, Nail, or Holder Already Installed

  1. Macrame Hanging Shelves 

These are works of art in themselves and bring out a plant’s beauty.

They can be hung at the end of window curtain rods to catch extra light or with the vertical shelf discussed earlier.

Another option is to run a cord from two exposed beams and let them hang gracefully from above. The opportunities are endless. Check some out here.

  1. Floating shelves
Floating Shelf

This is another option similar to the macrame hanging shelves. Floating shelves can be made with all sorts of materials which means you can let your creativity run wild.

Old driftwood can give a beachy feel while a circular one could soften the atmosphere in the room.

  1. Macrame Plant Holders
Macrame Plant Holders

If you want to have your potted plants to be held up only by macrame, try out these holders.

They can be hung in many of the same ways mentioned above, but give a feeling of airiness to a room. The plants really seem to be floating.

  1. Decorative Branches

What I like about decorative branches is the vibe they give off. Branches can be are hung from string and air plants laid across. 

The branch could also be the means for a floating shelf or macrame holder to dangle from.

  1. Coat hanger
Coat Hangers

For those of you on a super budget, look at repurposing an old coat hanger. While these can hold mostly only small plants, they are still fantastic at doing so.

Think about placing these on the back of a door with a hook already attached or a nail that is jutting out of the wall.

Indoor Plants To Try Growing

Here is a quick list of beautiful plants that also happen to be wonderful for your hanging indoor garden. These include trailing plants, ferns, and flowering plants.

  • Herbs
  • Boston Fern
  • Air Plants
  • Spider Plants
  • English Ivy
  • String of Pearls
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Trailing Peperomia Jade Plants
  • Heartleaf Philodendrons
  • Arrowhead Plants
  • Lipstick Wines
  • African Violet

Some Headache-Saving Tips

No one wants to go through all the trouble of hanging their plant only to find it isn’t in the right spot for it to thrive.

And while that may lead to the glee of going on a shopping spree and finding a new plant friend ideal for that location (whahoo!), inevitably you need to find a spot for your old one. 

Here is a quick list to double-check before hanging your plant and setting yourself up for success.

Picture of Choices

Choose the Right Water Tray

You don’t want to hang your plant only to find that it leaked all over your floor or worse…your carpet. Your landlord will not be happy with that discovery. Pick the right size tray needed for your plant.

Choose the Right Amount of Sunlight

Does your green friend need full direct light, low light, or indirect light? Check the tag that comes with your plant or do a quick search to find out the light requirements. This is a big cause of health decline.

Can you Easily Reach the Plant to Water? 

Are you able to put your finger in and check for dry or moist soil without it being a hassle? Many plants need to be watered at least once a week so choose a spot that is fairly easy for you to access.

Be Aware of Air Vents

Some plants are finicky when it comes to being placed near air vents. Heat can dry them out quickly while cold air could affect their overall health. Again, check what the plant needs and provide a suitable spot in your home for it.

Rotate the Plants Regularly

If the plant is only getting sun on one side, be sure you can rotate it occasionally so there isn’t a disfiguration in growth.

Make Sure They Are Safe For Pets

Have a pet? Be sure that your type of plant isn’t poisonous to them. At the very least, hang them out of reach. Emergency pet bills are expensive so use caution.


You should have everything you need to get started hanging plants in your apartment without drilling.

I hope you create the oasis of your dreams! Send us pics of any creative ways you thought to hang your plants.

P.S. Many people don’t think about hanging herbs in their apartment, but what a wonderful way to get tons of benefits at once.

Beauty, culinary needs, and herbal remedies are all at your fingertips. Try growing an indoor herb garden.  An easy one to start with is lavender in containers!

All the best,

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